Practice Billing


intraFUSION Practice Billing Offering for Physician Practices

  • Better focus in the practice for patient care
  • Reduce write-offs and bad debt
  • Timely billing/collections for your practice
  • Enhances business growth
  • Practice Convenience
  • Reduced workload for practice staff


Inline business interests

  • One of the smartest things any small business can do is align itself with strategic partners that have their best business interests in mind. Through vast market research, we have found that many billing & collections services aren’t 100% in line with the best business interests of the physician/practice. Here at intraFUSION, we do align ourselves in the practice’s best interests at heart. Here are some of the following ways in which we guarantee we are in line with your interests.
    • We do not have a minimum collections charge.  Several billing & collection services will charge a flat rate if their percentage of collections does not equal a certain amount.  What this means is that they are guaranteed money from you, whether they work for it or not.  We do not charge this fee, and therefore aligns us with your interests where we always want to bill/collect as much as possible for you.
    • No increased collection fees for old AR that is accumulated after cutover date.   Billing services that have these fees are actually incentivized to delay their billing so that they can collect a higher percentage.  We do not do this.  We are therefore incentivized to keep old AR to a minimum, because it then requires more work and our goal is not to have any of it.
    • Code management.  You want your practice to be adequately reimbursed for all the hard work that you put into it.  We ensure proper codes are correctly billed for services rendered at your practice
  • Billing services – rendered to Insurance Companies and individuals for healthcare services rendered.  We reconcile as much as possible for a better grasp on the billing process.
  • Collection services – we work hard to ensure insurance companies adequately reimburse practices for healthcare services rendered to patients.  Better focus on the importance of quality collections services so that bad-debt write-offs are kept to a minimum.
  • Fully integrated Practice Management System – including EMR, E-Prescriptions, and E-Superbills for use at your office through a cloud computing offering.