About Us

Since 1999, intraFUSION™ has provided the solution for physicians and their patients who need outpatient intravenous therapy. As the single source manager for all aspects of office based infusion services, we lead the way in outpatient infusion management by affording a higher level of patient care and creating a new source of revenue for the physician. With years of infusion management experience, our team can provide you with best practices and tools to have a successful physician based infusion center.

intraFUSION has since built on our success with infusion therapy management and now provides clinical research management through clinical trials and drug studies as well complete revenue cycle management through practice billing.   intraFUSION is actively involved in clinical trials management for a multitude of practices and several different studies.  Our revenue cycle management team provides practices with great piece of mind knowing that healthcare services rendered are being properly accounted for with proper code management and timely billing and collections.

We attribute much of our success  to our management team,  which is comprised of decades upon decades of combined healthcare management expertise.  intraFUSION operations continue to evolve and adapt with the healthcare industry by staying two steps ahead of curve.  We have had major successes with data capture through our internal custom developed systems, paperless solutions, and integration with major platforms. Our internal operations continue to grow more efficient and drive success in healthcare.

We thank all of our senior management staff below for helping drive success on a daily basis:

Carl Lampart
Chief Executive Officer

Stephen Payne
Chief Financial Officer

Missy Coleman
VP of Sales & Marketing

Leigh Stephenson
Director of Process Development

Tracey Finch
Director of Accounting

Carol Remy
General Counsel

Monika Mentz
Patient Access Manager

  Don Krolls
Director of Technology            

Max Aguilar
Senior Director of Operations

Michelle Schutt
Director of Revenue Cycle Management

Gilbert Vargas
Director of Materials Management

Michelle Hurst
Director of Clinical Research

Karen Pavlicek
Reimbursement Manager